Trevor Griffin Retires

After more than 39 years at Kepston, Trevor Griffin retired on 27th March 2020.

Trevor joined Kepston as the Production Manager in 1981 along with former Sales Manager Alan McCracken who retired in 2017. Trevor was the Production Manager for the Hydrogen division which included the Vacuum, Humpback & Hydrogen batch furnaces. Trevor has been involved with Hydrogen Heat Treatment since his early apprentice days at Birlec in the 1970's.

Announcing his plans of retirement in 2019, Trevor has received many heart-warming messages from colleagues, customers and suppliers all of whom he has built a relationship with over the past 39 years with Kepston.

From us all at Kepston, we wish Trevor a very happy and healthy retirement!!

Trevor Griffin


  • Nadcap Accredited
  • CHTA
  • UK Space
  • Midlands Aerospace Alliance Member
  • #UKMfgUnite